14 February 2012

How i spend my Valentines day

Valentines day.. its a day where couple spend their time together.. and its a day where, girls giving chocolate to the guy they like..

But, i dont do that.. not my style. I prefer taking the lead than waiting. So, on this beautiful day.. i decide to go ask Nagato Yuki for a date with me.

She was surprised when i suddenly ask her to go out on a date with me. Because, we dont really talk a lot.

I give her a wireless optical mouse and an Evereday battery installed as her Valentines day gift.

Her answer?

She said "yes" with her cute smiling face that i dont see everyday.

I told her to get ready as im preparing my bike.

"are... are we going with this?" She ask. And i said "yeah, what wrong? You dont like riding motorcycle?"

"n-no! It's not that.. this is my first time riding a motorcycle." Her answered with nervous look on her face.

"dont worry, everthing gonna be okay.. i wont speed up if that what you worried about" i'm trying to calm her and hand her a helmet.

"wow, thats a cute helmet~" she doesnt look so nervous like she did before when she saw the helmet. 'Wow, that was fast' i said to myself.

After she hop on the bike, she ask me where im taking her. So, i told her "you'll see. Hehe.."

I took her to a place where you can see lights hanging on trees.

A place with a lot of beautiful lights

"The lights are beautiful!" She quite enjoy the scenery.. i was relief. I was quite worried dont like it.

After that, i took another place. It was quite a long road to get there. Lucky for me she's okay for that..

The beach. A place with no one else there but us.

"well? What do you think?" I ask her. She look quite stun by the view

"...i-it's beautiful! I never seen a place like this!" She's overjoy..

She walk away from the bike and walking towards the sea.

The sound of the sea hitting the beach, the sounds of early birds in the morning really capative her.

I didnt say a word, i just watch her behind away from my motorcycle. i dont want to spoil her excitment as she looks really enjoy the view

And suddenly..

"....pjal....thank you..."

25 July 2011

Nendoroid Gathering 23rd July 2011

A 2nd Nendoroid Gathering was held on 23rd July 2011 in Kirameki Cafe. This time, there weren't many comrades this time due a multiple event is happening that day.. such as Gempak Starz road trip and i have a bbq outing at night

but, this time.. we have a special guest from the other side of South Chinese Sea (lolz) he is known as Pr1me_Minister in Lowyat.net and his nendoroids Manaka (love plus), kuroneko (orenimo) and imoko (sora kake shoujo), Sumomo (Nanatsuiro Drops)

i only take Manaka picture coz she was so cute with that bunny ear ^^

and here's nendoroid group picture.. it's a lot smaller then the 1st nendoroid gathering ^^;

the other nendoroid belong to my comrade:

27 April 2011

Toko Amano on picnic

reading a book by the sea is really comfortable.. it's really peaceful and comfy..
with the smooth breeze from the sea.. and the sound of the waving water hitting the beach..

it's really the best moment!

but, for Toko Amano.. she's obviously not doing what i had in my mind

25 April 2011

Family members..

it's been a long journey for me.. i think im gonna stop for a while.. if i ever could

11 April 2011

GSC Racing Hatsune Miku #109

it's been a year since my last post in this blog.. so, i finally decide to update this blog because this is my last PO'ed nendoroid.. there we're few reason for theis "last PO'ed" but i better keep that to myself..

anyway, the nendoroid im going to blog about is the #109 GSC Racing Hatsune Miku.. i bought it from Animetsu last year..

so here she is.. outside from the box

01 April 2010

Ritsu Tanaika

so, here's my 2nd post about K-On series nendoroid.. (will post about other nendoroid review later)

after the license issue.. most all the figurine shop had to pull out their stock on Ritsu from their PO list. it was disappointing at that moment.. i thought "there's goes my complete K-ON nendoroid series"

few month after the license issue.. Ritsu Tanaika was seen in Amiami release list.. as soon as possible, i call Maslight to order 1 for me.. but, it's limited for each person.. orz

then, few days later (or hours, i dont really remember) Ritsu was also seen in HLJ. so, i ordered 1 from there..

28 March 2010

Marisa day out

Marisa went out for a walk..

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