25 July 2011

Nendoroid Gathering 23rd July 2011

A 2nd Nendoroid Gathering was held on 23rd July 2011 in Kirameki Cafe. This time, there weren't many comrades this time due a multiple event is happening that day.. such as Gempak Starz road trip and i have a bbq outing at night

but, this time.. we have a special guest from the other side of South Chinese Sea (lolz) he is known as Pr1me_Minister in Lowyat.net and his nendoroids Manaka (love plus), kuroneko (orenimo) and imoko (sora kake shoujo), Sumomo (Nanatsuiro Drops)

i only take Manaka picture coz she was so cute with that bunny ear ^^

and here's nendoroid group picture.. it's a lot smaller then the 1st nendoroid gathering ^^;

the other nendoroid belong to my comrade:

Kodomo no Jikan set - Bernard
Black Rock Shooter set - Yus
Hatsune Miku - Irtea
Manaka, Imo-cha, Sumomo, Kuroneko - Pr1me_Minister
Saber Lion - Cubex
Saber (moveable ver) - Rina

as for me, i didnt bring all my nendoroid puchi like the first nendorid gathering .. i only bring my 'waifus' Miderazaki Kyouka (Kyouran Kazoku Nikki) Nagato Yuki #10 and Nagoto Yuki #123

the Sofa belong to the Kirameki Cafe owner.. gonna find the set for my nendoroids

The Cat Family~ nyann~

The rest of the nendo family..

Miku is a naughty girl.. "STOP JUMPING ON THE COUCH!!" said Kyouka

Kuro Kagami is arguing with Gekka

poor imo-chan.. no one notice her.. >:D

after that, like the first nendoroid gathering.. we make a mix and crossover the nendo. Our victim for that day was Nagato Yuki #123

it all start with the sunglasses belong to HMO Miku and the Loud Speaker... after that, few suggestion by my other comrade and this happen

Black Gold Yuki is my favorite combination that day.. <3

i had to leave early that day.. cause, it was almost time for my last event of the day. the BBQ Night at Seaside Travelers Inn, Kinarut.

so, i end my blog post here. before that, i would like to ask thousand apology to Pr1me_Minister and Steno if i had done something that might upset you guys on that day..


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