11 April 2011

GSC Racing Hatsune Miku #109

it's been a year since my last post in this blog.. so, i finally decide to update this blog because this is my last PO'ed nendoroid.. there we're few reason for theis "last PO'ed" but i better keep that to myself..

anyway, the nendoroid im going to blog about is the #109 GSC Racing Hatsune Miku.. i bought it from Animetsu last year..

so here she is.. outside from the box

a closer look at our race Miku

the view from the back

wait... what is that?? is that a.... baby water bottle??

well, maybe not.. mybe it's spray can.
anyway, here's a picture of the include inside the box

a serious face
2 extra hand
2 bend legs
a something-you-use-to-remove-bolt nuts-of-the-tyre
a tool box (i dont know what you call it)
and a car..

the car?

oh, it's over here..

this is the after i put Decals on it..

and this is the before

and here's the other side of the cars decal..
as you can see.. it's pretty bad (seriously BAD). it was my first time doing this..

front view

back view

i didnt follow like the original only the sides i follow as the original

and here are some shots of Miku posing with the car

She's making a final adjustment on the car

it's time to do some test drive..

and so, i end this blog post with;

thanks for reading


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